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Wednesday, June 22

11:15 EDT

13:30 EDT

CON02.03 - Truth and Reconciliation: Post-secondary Educators and the Calls to Action UCC 54BChris Hachkowski CON02.12 - Motivating Learning in an Introductory Women's Studies Course: Flexibility, Reflection, Experience UCC 146Brianna Bennett • Jessica Blackwell • Tatianna Brierley • Trevor Holmes • Emily Lorentz • Meghan Voll • Katrina Ackerman • Madeline Shred CON02.18 - Building Student-Faculty Partnerships in Curriculum Development and Community Engagement Weldon Library 121 (Teaching Support Centre)Dora Cavallo-Medved • Mitchell Elliott • Melanie Grondin CON02.01 - Balancing Resources across Strategies, Projects and Programs in Educational Development UCC 37Tom Carey • Tracy Penny Light • Joy Mighty • Peter Wolf CON02.06 - Educational Developers Leading and Empowering the SoTL UCC 59Nicola Simmons • Lynn Taylor CON02.08 - Developing a Leadership in Teaching & Learning Fellowship Program at an Ontario University UCC 61Nancy Fenton • Lori Goff • Melec Zeadin CON02.05 - Praktik: Empowering Students Through the Development of Innovative Software for Digital Simulation UCC 58Natalia Aguillon • Robert Haaf • Helen Harrison • Mary Anne Krahn CON02.15 - Supporting eLearning on campus: Drawing inspiration from the continuous improvement of an eLearning toolkit UCC 66 (WALS, Sponsored by Nelson)Lauren Anstey • Stephanie Horsley • Jennifer Sadler • Gavan Watson CON02.09 - Learning to ‘fail’ for success: developing student Mindsets to promote resilience, tenacity and effective learning. UCC 63Lindsay Davies • Udaramati Melanie Pope CON02.10 - Learning to Bounce: Using 'Wise Interventions' in the Classroom to Teach Resilience UCC 65Rebecca Gagan CON02.14 - At the Intersection of Cognitive Science and Education: Gamifying 2nd Year Neuroscience Course to Encourage Retrieval-Based Learning Weldon Library 258Kim Hellemans • Maristela Petrovic-Dzerdz CON02.07 - Pedagogical Training and the Future of the PhD Program UCC 60Bridgette Brown • Ajay Parasram • Morgan Rooney CON02.04 - Welcome to My Classroom: Establishing Relevance via Embodied Engagement UCC 56Maureen Connolly

14:45 EDT

CON03.03 - Can’t see the forest for the trees? or is it: Can’t see the roots for the leaves? UCC 54BCarolyn Campbell • Gail Baikie CON03.07 - Transitioning to Blended Teaching: The Successes and Challenges of an Institutional Initiative UCC 60Nancy Vezina CON03.01 - Preparing a 3M National Teaching Fellowship Nomination: Advice from Three Perspectives UCC 37Debra Dawson • Tim Loblaw • Shannon Murray CON03.08 - (Teaching) Fellowship of the Ring: A Journey of Common Purpose to Lead Educational Change UCC 61David M. Andrews • Kelly Anthony • Daniel Belliveau • Judy AK Bornais • Chitra Rangan CON03.12 - The Evolution and Impact of a 30 Year Partnership - The 3M National Teaching Fellowship Program UCC 146Arshad Ahmad • Ron Smith • Denise Stockley CON03.05 - The Case for Social Annotation: Co-Reading in Real Time UCC 58Scott Schofield CON03.15 - Designing Innovative, Technology-Rich, Collaborative Active Learning Classrooms: Lessons from an eight-year design-based research initiative at Dawson College UCC 66 (WALS, Sponsored by Nelson)Chris Whittaker • Elizabeth Charles CON03.16 - Flipped and blended courses in lecture and active learning classrooms: Structure and evaluation Weldon Library 121 (Teaching Support Centre)Alison Flynn CON03.09 - Diamonds are your best friend: Enabling students’ voices and insights on learning spaces using a participatory design approach UCC 63Peggy Hartwick • Beth Hughes • Patrick Lyons • Dragana Polovina-Vukovic • Flavia Renon • Cheryl Schramm CON03.11 - Making the implicit explicit: A strategy for developing doctoral writing skills UCC 67E_Marcia Johnson CON03.04 - Direct Instructions (DI) versus Productive Failure (PF) – Best practices for interactive in-class activities. UCC 56Sunita Chowrira • Karen Smith CON03.06 - You've been EduCATEd! Building Community, Supporting SoTL Scholars and Scholarship UCC 59Linda Carozza • Jessica Flake • Mandy Frake-Mistak • Kalina Grewal • Bridget Cauthery • Justin Podur CON03.10 - Empowering Learners with ePortfolios: Harnessing the “Evidence of Experience” to Illuminate Learner Pathways UCC 65Tracy Penny Light CON03.14 - Putting Student Learning First: Strategies for Librarian-Faculty Collaboration Weldon Library 258Heather Campbell • Kim McPhee CON03.13 - Graduate Students as Educational Leaders: Transforming Departmental Teaching Cultures through the Lead TA Program UCC 315 (Council Chambers)Melanie-Anne Atkins • Aisha Haque • Melissa Jacquart • Ken Meadows CON03.19 - Publish & Flourish: Become a Prolific Scholar Mustang Lounge (UCC)Tara Gray

15:45 EDT

CON04.01 - Empowering Emerging HR Professionals to Create Innovative e-Learning Modules: Challenges, Opportunities and Learning Transfer UCC 37Holly Catalfamo • Barbara Smith CON04.04 - Acting out gender: Using theatre of the oppressed to enact a gender studies curriculum UCC 56Danielle Carr • Kim Solga CON04.07 - Developing a campus-wide service-learning program UCC 60Melissa Gallo CON04.19 - Laughing Matters: Humour as a Teaching and Learning Value for Empowerment Mustang Lounge (UCC)Patrick Maher • Jacqueline Murray • Rosemary Polegato • Cameron Tsujita • Maureen Volk • Jonathan White • Philippe Caignon • Carol B. Duncan • Donna Marie Eansor • Pippa Lock CON04.12 - Communicating why we do what we do to enable others and effect change in postsecondary education: creating an educational development (ED) philosophy statement UCC 146Natasha Kenny CON04.13 - Rethinking course design support for instructors: Multiple perspectives and approaches UCC 315 (Council Chambers)marcy slapcoff • Denise Stockley • Mariela Tovar • Sue Fostaty Young CON04.15 - Reflective Choreography: Construct Mapping to Facilitate Teaching and Student Participation in an Active Learning Space UCC 66 (WALS, Sponsored by Nelson)L Graham Smith • Sandi Spaulding CON04.16 - “BASICS” for Alignment of Teaching and Assessing Cognitive Skills Weldon Library 121 (Teaching Support Centre)Andy Leger • Natalie Simper CON04.06 - Made to Slip: Why Good Initiatives Lose Traction UCC 59Beverley Hamilton • Jessica Raffoul CON04.05 - Emphasizing reading as pre-class preparation for students in a flipped or blended learning classroom UCC 58Brett McCollum • Todd Nickle CON04.09 - Student Centered Teaching: When the Students Become the Teachers UCC 63Ann Bigelow • David Creelman • Veselin Jungic • Jessica Riddell • Jin-Sun Yoon • Étienne Côté • Sara Harris • Steve Joordens • Peter Ostafichuk • Pamela Toulouse CON04.10 - Developing Students’ Creative Thinking Skills in the Context of Course Content UCC 65Bharat Maheshwari • Zbigniew Pasek • Paul Rousseau CON04.17 - Engaging Student Leaders through Case Competitions Weldon Library 120 (Teaching Support Centre)Meg U'Ren CON04.02 - ePortfolio rubrics: A multidisciplinary, student-centred, faculty developed, open education resource (whew!) UCC 54AAllie Davidson • Peggy Hartwick • Beth Hughes • Samah Sabra • Rachelle Thibodeau • Eva Kartchava • Sarah Todd CON04.08 - Dodging the disciplinary divide: Blending people, concepts and learning UCC 61Tamara Kelly • Lauren Wallar CON04.14 - Let’s be Direct about Information Literacy Assessment: Using Quick Writes to Capture Direct Evidence of Student Learning Weldon Library 258Henri Mondschein

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