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Thursday, June 23

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CON05.05 - Meet the 2016 Brightspace Innovation in Teaching and Learning Award Winners (Sponsored by D2L) UCC 58 CON05.09 - THINK BETTER - attention in education (Sponsored by Steelcase Inc.) UCC 63Barry Brennand CON05.02 - Not Your Grandfather’s Racism: Challenging Microaggressions in the Classroom UCC 54ANadine LeGros • Deena Mandell • WLU Student Presenters CON05.03 - Introducing Service Learning into a Basic Research-Intensive Academic Setting: A Canadian University’s Psychology Department as a Case Study UCC 54BMichael Annett • Justin Arcaro • Stephanie Hayne Beatty • Lisa Boyko • Ron Elliott • Ryan Hunt • Laura Johnson • Donald Saklofske • Leora Swartzman • Paul Tremblay • Victoria Wiebe • Samantha Wiendels • Riley Hinson CON05.06 - The Transformative Potential of High Impact Service-Learning Experiences: A Campus-Community Collaboration in Action UCC 59Amy Dvorkin • Lisa Jakubowski • Martin McIntosh • Sarah Pol CON05.07 - Planning Today for the University of Tomorrow UCC 60Maureen Wideman CON05.16 - Supporting the Use of Academic Analytics to Improve Teaching and Learning Weldon Library 121 (Teaching Support Centre)Brad Wuetherick • Don Fiander • Sandy Walde CON05.15 - Take a Walk on the WALS Side: Innovative Teaching in Western Active Learning Space UCC 66 (WALS, Sponsored by Nelson)Angela Bochert • Rob Corless • Sarah McLean • Stephanie Oliver • Aaron Price • L Graham Smith • Sandi Spaulding • Gavan Watson • Aleksandra Zecevic TAGSA Special Interest Group Annual General Meeting UCC 315 (Council Chambers) CON05.08 - Ready for My Close-Up: Working with a Professional Filmmaker to Create Educational Videos UCC 61Colleen Sharen • Adam Caplan CON05.10 - Lecture Hall Labs: creating effective, portable hands-on activities to encourage active student engagement and small group work in lecture-hall courses. UCC 65Zoe Morris CON05.11 - Building Possibility: Creating a Community of Scholars Through Interdisciplinary Studies, Undergraduate Research and Faculty/Staff Collaboration UCC 67Rebecca Smith • Laurence de Looze CON05.01 - Supporting your Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Writing UCC 37Ken Meadows • Janice Miller-Young • Carol Roderick CON05.19 - Squeezing Apples To Get Orange Juice? (Re)Defining Scholarship, Research, and Dissemination for Teaching Faculty and ‘Others’ Mustang Lounge (UCC)Russell Day CON05.04 - Trends, Issues and Common Challenges in Program Review and Development UCC 56Paola Borin • Jovan Groen CON05.14 - “Did I do good?”: The teaching and learning of ethics. Weldon Library 258Anne Barnfield CON05.12 - Scholarly writing programs that improve writing and increase productivity UCC 146Tara Gray • Michelle Jackson

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CON06.07 - How communication proficiency affects students entering the workforce and how to help students improve proficiency and gain confidence with Presenters Podium UCC 60Harrison.Fisher CON06.05 - Evaluative Practices of Teaching and Learning Centres UCC 58Klodiana Kolomitro CON06.06 - How unlocking your creative potential will help you effect change UCC 59Ken Marsden CON06.12 - Learning from External Reviews: A Lever for Change in Teaching Centres UCC 146Stephanie Chu • Donna Ellis • Celia Popovic • Carol Rolheiser • Suzanne Le-May Sheffield • Peter Wolf • Alan Wright CON06.13 - Ethical Principles in Teaching for Contingent Instructors UCC 315 (Council Chambers)Erin Aspenlieder • Marie Vander Kloet CON06.15 - Using Prezi to Facilitate Active Learning UCC 66 (WALS, Sponsored by Nelson)L Graham Smith 2015 3M National Student Fellows Special Session - Student Power: The Empowered Learner in Action UCC 65Jason Earl CON06.01 - Engaging Students with Improv: From Medicine to Music and Beyond UCC 37Andrea Buchholz CON06.02 - Athletics as the Catalyst for Data Science Learning UCC 54ALuigi Sorbara CON06.03 - The Design and Implementation of Game-Based Learning Systems in Higher Education and Health Professions Education UCC 54BRob Bajko • Raquel Meyer • David Chandross • Deborah Fels • Lori Schindel Martin • Jennifer Reguindin CON06.08 - What do we know about student participation in activities that develop transferable skills? UCC 61Angie L. Miller • Allison Brckalorenz • Thomas Nelson Laird CON06.10 - Decreasing Social Distance in Online Courses and Large Classes Weldon Library 258Jane Holbrook • Christine Zaza CON06.11 - First-Year Transition to University as an Intellectual Journey UCC 67Shelagh Crooks • Esther Enns CON06.16 - Dealing with Student Resistance to Pedagogical Change Weldon Library 121 (Teaching Support Centre)Randall Wakelam • Vicki L Woodside-Duggins CON06.19 - CANCELLED - A Workshop on Learning SoTL: Empowering SoTL Scholars through Peer Review Mustang Lounge (UCC)Dr. Nancy Chick • Gary Poole CON06.09 - Innovation in Case-based Pedagogy: How to teach for the complexities of the real-world UCC 63Gerald McKinley • Shannon Sibbald • Mark Speechley CON06.04 - Welcome to my Classroom: Three Ways of Looking at Hamlet UCC 56Lisa Dickson • Shannon Murray • Jessica Riddell

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CON07.02b - Learning with change, changing with learning: lessons from four years of the New Opportunities for Innovative Student Engagement (NOISE) for Social Change project UCC 54ARebecca Houwer PK07.04a - Positive Space in Your Learning Spaces: Communities Collaborating to Build a Social Inclusion Course UCC 56Peggy French PK07.04b - Inspiring Social Justice Through International Clinical Education Opportunities UCC 56Taslim Moosa • Lauren Perduk PK07.04c - Recreation and Sport Students as Global Citizens Experience Service Learning Through Community Development Projects in Nicaragua UCC 56Sherri Branscombe PK07.04d - The New Frontier of Academic Library Outreach: Middle School Students Research Visits UCC 56Anne Jung-Mathews PK07.04e - An Intergenerational Community-Engaged Language and Cultural Program: Spanish Seniors & Spanish L2 Learners UCC 56Ana Garcia-Allen PK07.11e - The best of both worlds – entrepreneurship as an experiential learning setting UCC 67Alon Eisenstein • Cynthia Goh • Emanuel Istrate CON07.05a - The Effects of a Behavioural Coaching Intervention on College Faculty Members Adoption of Technology-Enhanced Teaching Practices UCC 58Nicole Domonchuk CON07.05b - Faculty Professional Learning Related to the Development of Teaching Practice: A Key to Empowerment and Change UCC 58Annique Boelryk CON07.05c - Am I married to my job or just engaged? A model of faculty engagement in early career teaching UCC 58Kathryn Hansen PK07.14e - Creating a “RIPPPL” Effect: Cross-Sector Partnerships for Research and Innovation in Personal Pathways and Portfolios for Learning Weldon Library 258Tracy Penny Light CON07.03b - Student Engagement in Learning Management Systems UCC 54BKrista Vogt CON07.03c - Enhancing ‘deep learning’ in an e-learning environment through an evidenced-based approach to developing methods of social interaction between students and teachers UCC 54BDebra Kiceniuk • Martine Durier-Copp • Joyline Makani CON07.10a - Designing for Dynamics: An Examination of a Multi-Institutional, Online Music Course UCC 65Meagan Troop PK07.11c - Moving beyond integrity: accommodating disciplinary, cultural, linguistic and modal differences in the policy and pedagogy of plagiarism UCC 67Cary DiPietro PK07.12a - Constructive Interaction in Online Learning Environments UCC 146Rosa Cendros Araujo PK07.12b - Digital Badges - Empowering stakeholders by improving student assessment and engagement UCC 146Helena Merriam • Alp Oran PK07.12d - Leveraging Local and Online Software Resources to Create Engaging Learning Modules: A Case Study from the Ontario Online Initiative UCC 146Cortney Hanna • Andrew Johnson • Rachael E Smyth • Julie Whitehead PK07.12e - A Brilliant Design: Using the Lightboard to Rapidly Develop Innovative Online and Blended Learning Resources UCC 146Nobuko Fujita • Mark Lubrick • Nick Baker PK07.12f - Empowering your students: Conquering the digital demon UCC 146Melissa Brasgold PK07.13a - Twenty things you may not have been told about ‘flipping’ your classroom UCC 315 (Council Chambers)Michael Ravenek CON07.03a - Fostering Effective Learning: The Use of Reflective Learning Journals in a Statistics Class UCC 54BAshley Waggoner Denton CON07.06c - Bright and struggling: Examining the transition issues of gifted and high-ability students UCC 59Adrienne Sauder PK07.13c - Livin’ on a Prayer: One Instructor’s Experience with a Classroom Response System in a First Year Course in Religious Studies UCC 315 (Council Chambers)Philippa Carter • Whitney Ross PK07.13d - Constructing and Facilitating Manageable Error and Failure UCC 315 (Council Chambers)Maureen Connolly • Gail Frost PK07.13e - Exploring the Impact and Perception of a Novel Mentorship Course on Mentors one year post-completion UCC 315 (Council Chambers)Lori Goff • Keeyeon Mark Hwang • Kris Knorr • Zeeshan Haqqee PK07.13f - Real World, Live-Action Experience for Students while Studying UCC 315 (Council Chambers)Kathy Bouma • Laura Chivers-Roberts PK07.11a - Preparing Undergraduate Students for Post-Graduation Interviews: The Value of Mock Interviews UCC 67Andrea Buchholz • Alexia Prescod PK07.11b - Engaging with Pregnant Students, Staff & Faculty: Contributing Faculty Expertise Via The Family Care Office UCC 67Geraldine Macdonald CON07.02a - Teaching Practice of Clinical Nurse Educators UCC 54Aanita jennings CON07.02c - Knowledge about vs. knowledge of: A conceptual framework for thinking about the functional uses of cases in learning activities UCC 54AJean Slick CON07.10b - The Intersection between Professor Expectations and Student Interpretations of Academic Skills: A Multi-Disciplinary Approach UCC 65Melanie Parlette-Stewart • Laura Schnablegger CON07.10c - An invitation for discussion: Challenges and potentials of indigenizing university teaching in distance education UCC 65Brandi Bell • Tobias Sperlich PK07.14d - The Kaleidoscope of Student-Centered Learning. Ever Changing Weldon Library 258Katherine Roselius • Elisabeth Pitts • Barb Stuart CON07.06a - Using Large Group Projects to Foster Learning and Understanding across Diverse Student Populations UCC 59Susan Knabe • Wendy Pearson CON07.06b - Innovative Information Literacy Instruction: Possible in one large class but not one university? UCC 59Peter Ferguson • Bruce Fyfe PK07.11d - Teaching project management while boosting students’ involvement and creativity: The example of a medium-size French university. UCC 67Isabelle Lucet • James Robert PK07.14a - The [Not So] Hidden Language of Power and Exclusion Weldon Library 258Cathy Benedict PK07.14b - Why “Assigned Seating” for exams is the best thing since sliced bread Weldon Library 258Trent Tucker PK07.14c - Supporting multiliterate students and rethinking teacher pedagogy in higher education Weldon Library 258Joelle Nagle • Annie Tran PK07.01a - Enhanced Graduate Learning through the Asynchronous & Synchronous Communication Cycle UCC 37Mark Deschaine • Ray Francis PK07.01b - Designing for Change UCC 37Bridgette Atkins • Jaymie Koroluk • Matthew Stranach PK07.01c - The Rise of the Clones. Charting the Trajectory of Open Educational Resources for Instructor Professional Development. UCC 37Kyle Mackie PK07.01d - The Benefits of Employing Undergraduate TAs in a Large, First Year Course UCC 37Jill Atkinson PK07.01e - Graduate Students Advancing Literature on Graduate Students: Reflections on Co-Editing a Special Issue on Graduate TA Preparation for the Canadian Journal of Higher Education UCC 37Lianne Fisher • Aisha Haque • Betsy Keating • Lorraine Godden • Shaya Golparian • Cynthia Korpan • Annie Riel • Christina Skorobohacz • Kim West PK07.01f - Empowering Graduate Student Writing and Writers UCC 37Michelle McGinn • Snezana Ratkovic

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CON08.01c - Collaborative Communities: Sustainable Engineering in Remote Areas, a CREATE Program at Queen’s University UCC 37Amber Hastings • Laura Kinderman • Denise Stockley CON08.02a - Encouraging Global Citizenship: Strategies for the Future UCC 54ARoberta Lexier • Melanie Rathburn CON08.02b - Impact Evaluation of a Novel Community-Engaged Interdisciplinary Learning Project UCC 54AMegan Dodd • Lovaye Kajiura • Robert Fleisig • Brenda Vrkljan CON08.05a - Engaging Youth and Aboriginal Communities with High Altitude Balloon Experiment UCC 58Stephen Cheng • David Gerhard CON08.15 - The Frontiers of Service-Learning at Canadian Universities UCC 66 (WALS, Sponsored by Nelson)Sunaina Assanand • Ann Bigelow • Vladimir Kricsfalusy • Aleksandra Zecevic CON08.05b - Quality Assurance: Juggling Tensions between Accountability and Enhancement of Academic Programs UCC 58Jovan Groen CON08.03a - Changing the Game: Using gamification in a blended learning academic writing course UCC 54BRoger Graves • Heather Graves CON08.03b - Undergraduate course gamification: Forging beyond multimedia and social media contexts into health sciences curriculum UCC 54BRob Bajko • Raquel Meyer • Deborah Fels • Karen LeGrow • Lori Schindel Martin • Jennifer Reguindin • Sheraz Siddiqui CON08.03c - Slideware by design: Using slides as more than just digital cue cards UCC 54BKristie Dukewich • Ramzy Nicolas • Morgan Zych CON08.04a - Faculty Support for Online Learning Development – Considerations for Process UCC 56Wendy Freeman CON08.04b - Flipping the Spanish Class: a dynamic and interactive approach to learning Spanish UCC 56Ana Garcia-Allen • Adriana Soto-Corominas CON08.04c - By design: building technology-enhanced activities UCC 56Keren Akiva • Itamar Tzadok CON08.06a - Student and Faculty Experiences of an Academic Foundations Course UCC 59Judy Eaton • Jennifer Long • David Morris CON08.06b - Investigating the effects of physical spaces on learning perception of first-year university students UCC 59Erica Bulloch • Jennifer Spencer • Shannon Rushe CON08.06c - Student Motivation in Response to Active Learning: Problem-based Learning in an Active Learning Classroom UCC 59Sherry Fukuzawa • Cleo Boyd • Joel Cahn CON08.07a - Using Anonymized Cases to Foil Plagiarism and Improve the Academic Integrity Environment UCC 60Sandra Scott CON08.02c - Activating the Flipped Classroom of the English Public Speaking with Cooperative Task-Based Learning Approach UCC 54AJiangbo Wan CON08.08a - One Week, Many Ripples: Measuring the Impacts of the McMaster Fall Break UCC 61Michael Agnew • Heather Poole • Ayesha Khan CON08.08c - Faith on Campus: Understanding the Impact of Religious Identity on Student Accommodation and Inclusion UCC 61Michael Agnew • Saly Halawa CON08.09a - A Comparative Analysis of Canadian and American Assessment Practices in Student Services UCC 63Marc Gurrisi CON08.16c - Empowering learners and effecting change through partnership: The ‘Students as Partners’ Summer Institute Weldon Library 121 (Teaching Support Centre)Christine Black • Mick Healey • Elizabeth Marquis CON08.10c - (Un)Expected Gender Differences in Introductory Physics UCC 65Magdalen Normandeau • Seshu Iyengar • Benedict Newling CON08.11a - When Learning Becomes a Good Fit: Concurrent Effects of Exercise on Memory in Comparison to Traditional Quiet Study UCC 67Janice Dundas CON08.12b - Does Walking Have a Role in Education UCC 146James Southworth CON08.12c - Flipped to read: Comparing the dynamics around learner experiences in 1st and 2nd year flipped classrooms with a focus on academic reading UCC 146Brett McCollum CON08.01a - The Learning Outcome Assessment Consortium: Multi-Institutional Collaboration for Learning Outcomes Assessment in Ontario UCC 37Alexandra MacFarlane CON08.01b - A pedagogical intervention in first-year Calculus: An examination of structured writing using partially-populated notes UCC 37Donna Kotsopoulos • Chester Weatherby • Douglas Woolford CON08.05c - Math Placement Testing for College-Bound Students UCC 58Jessica Bugorski • Erin Kox CON08.07b - Teaching to learn, learning to teach: a pedagogical course for undergraduates UCC 60Alicia McKenzie CON08.07c - Broadening Understanding: Students' perspectives on respecting all sexual orientations and gender identities in university classrooms UCC 60Lindsay D'Souza • Danielle Pierre CON08.08b - Student Time Usage and Stress Management During Fall Reading Week UCC 61Ken Cramer • Rebecca Pschibul • Nilo Tavares CON08.09b - University contexts: Are we Meeting the Needs of Students with Learning Disabilities? UCC 63Jacqueline Specht • Sarah Copfer Terreberry CON08.09c - Meeting needs after graduation: a trans-disciplinary learning experience for undergraduate students UCC 63Shoshanah Jacobs • Kerry Ritchie CON08.10a - Understanding the State of the Curriculum through an Examination of Course Syllabi UCC 65David M. Andrews • Jess C. Dixon • Adam Goodwin CON08.10b - Flexible, student-driven curriculum design and progressive hybrid assessment to enhance competency development during early clinical exposure. UCC 65Cathryne Palmer • Susan Weltz • Caroline Cutler • Jordan Holmes • Ezequiel Ledesma • Janet Maggio • Beata Pawlowska • Christina Rogoza • Ann Russell • Katherine Savelberg • Wade Sharp • Edward Sun CON08.11b - Is It A Better Course? Challenges In Evaluating The Effectiveness Of A Redesigned Large First-year University Psychology Course UCC 67Jill Atkinson • Ingrid Johnsrude CON08.11c - Exploring the meaning of Undergraduate Research and Inquiry UCC 67Huyen Dam • Nancy Fenton • Lynn Martin • Yipeng Ge CON08.12a - Beyond words: Comics in the classroom UCC 146Bree Akesson • Olufunke Oba CON08.13a - Educated vs. random guessing: validating partial-credit schemes in scratch-card multiple-choice exams UCC 315 (Council Chambers)Aaron Slepkov CON08.13b - Use of Learning Communities in Fourth Year Elective STEM Courses UCC 315 (Council Chambers)Carol Hulls • Samar Mohamed CON08.13c - Preservice Teachers’ Perceptions of Preparedness for Classroom Teaching UCC 315 (Council Chambers)Sherry Woitte CON08.16a - Teaching Preparation Program: Learning From and Moving Forward in Developing Teaching Capacity for New Scholars Weldon Library 121 (Teaching Support Centre)Jennifer Lock • Luciano da Rosa dos Santos CON08.16b - Supporting International Graduate Students’ and Post-Doctoral Fellows’ Development as Teachers Weldon Library 121 (Teaching Support Centre)Sue Fostaty Young

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CON09.06 - Can John Dewey speak Chinese? UCC 59Grace Zhang • Ron Sheese CON09.02 - Seeking the Centre: Helping change agents thrive in times of change UCC 54ABridgette Atkins • Jaymie Koroluk • Matthew Stranach CON09.12 - Educational leadership in post-secondary education: what is it and how do we develop it? UCC 146Natasha Kenny CON09.03 - Helping Students Succeed in Calculus (Pre-Calculus) through Online Modules UCC 54BAdon Irani • Zohreh Shahbazi Christopher Knapper Lifetime Achievement Award Winner (Sponsored by Magna Publications) Mustang Lounge (UCC) CON09.08 - Spelling it Out or Spoon Feeding? How Much Guidance Do Students Really Need? UCC 61Daniel Braun • Carolyn Ives CON09.09 - Feelings of (dis)connection: positionality, emotions and the classroom UCC 63John Paul Catungal • Nicole Laliberte CON09.10 - I am here: Ensuring presence in an online learning environment UCC 65Melissa Brasgold CON09.11 - Exploring Psychological Type Theory and how it can support Administrators, Academic Advisors and their ‘at-risk’ students as they make important decisions around appropriate retention interventio... UCC 67Andrea Prier • Geri Salinitri • Pierre Boulos CON09.13 - Mythbusting ePortfolios: Instructor-specific factors leading to ePortfolio efficacy UCC 315 (Council Chambers)Katherine Lithgow • Kyle Scholz • Crystal Tse CON09.04 - Teaching Through Learning: Answering to Students’ Voices on Self-Directed Learning UCC 56Alice Cassidy • Gail Hammond • Roselynn Verwoord • Patrick Dubois CON09.05 - Designing a Story of Learning: The Eportfolio as a Means to Co-create Curriculum in Intercultural Communication UCC 58Angela Bochert • Natalia Caldas • Ana Chiarelli • Peggy Ellis • Meredith McGregor CON09.07 - Using the relationship between learner personality and program choice to foster learner success UCC 60Jennifer Davis • Shaylene Wall CON09.15 - Rhetoric in and of the Active Learning Classroom UCC 66 (WALS, Sponsored by Nelson)Chester Scoville CON09.16 - Disciplinary Dimensions in Curricular Change Weldon Library 121 (Teaching Support Centre)Katherine Bishop-Williams • Kaitlin Roke • Meagan Troop CON09.14 - Balancing Tensions in TA Training: The Value of “Standardized Customization” in Graduate Student Teaching Training Programs Weldon Library 258Megan Burnett • Sandy Carpenter • David Chan • Alli Diskin • Michal Kasprzak • Robin Sutherland-Harris CON09.01 - Welcome to my classroom: Empowering Learners by Creating Human Connection UCC 37Billy Strean, Ph.D.

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